Solution Saline Topical 30mL Sterile Single Dose Saljet

GEN13090 - Solution Saline Topical 30mL Sterile Single Dose Saljet

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These single dose, 1 ounce (30mL) containers filled with sterile saline are a fast, convenient method of moistening and lubricating wound dressings for traumatic wounds, cuts, bruises, and minor burns prior to removal from the wound area, also known as bandage irrigation. Contained in a light plastic container, Saljet is small enough for a strip of four to fit easily into pockets, cart drawers, med boxes, etc., which means fewer trips to the nursing station for equipment and enables several cleansing procedures to be performed in quick succession. Just twist off the top and it is ready for use. Safe - Saljet cannot be recapped and the single dose presentation ensures sterility at each procedure. Saljet will give either a continuous stream of saline or drop by drop by changing the squeezing pressure on the containers.