Promogran Collagen Matrix Dressing / ORC 4.1sq in

SYSPG004 - Promogran Collagen Matrix Dressing / ORC 4.1sq in

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Promogran consists of a sterile, freeze dried matrix composed of collagen and oxidised regenerated cellulose (ORC), formed into a sheet approximately 3mm thick cut into hexagonal pieces. The matrix absorbs liquid and forms a soft, comformable, biodegradable gel that physically binds and inactivates matrix metalloproteases (MMPs). Promogran is indicated for the management of all types of chronic wounds that are free of necrotic tissue and visible signs of infection. Promogran matrix must be covered with a low-adherent secondary dressing that will conserve moisture and maintain a moist wound-healing environment. Packaged in a transparent waterproof peel pouch, sealed with a laminated cover.